The Mosor hunting reserve comprises of 12,000 hectares and is centred on Mosor mountain, whose highest peak is 1339m, close to the city of Split, which is the economic, culural, transit and sporting capital of Dalmatia. Despite being close to such a large metropolis, the mountain appears desolate and initially awe-inspiring. There are no streets and all the former villages are abandoned, which poses a real challenge for hunters and nature lovers alike.

The view from the desolate peak



Wild animals: wolf, bear,jackal,fox,stone marten, golden eagle, hawk, falcon, raven..


The wolf: numerous but protected – photo safari only


Small game:  rabbit, snipe, pigeon, rockpartridge


Stone hide

Winter atmosphere in southern Mosor

There are numerous game, of which mouflon and wild boar and the most prevalent

The main game is Mouflon

Barbary sheep are rare in Croatia, but there is stable population on Mosor.


The winter atmosphere in the northern part of the hunting reserve